Reiki - Shoreline CT Yoga and Wellness
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Erin completed her Reiki Level I training in 2015 through Reiki Master Tania Tyler.  Tania is an herbalist and owner of Mystic Healing Jewelry. For more info:


Erin completed her Reiki Level II training in 2016 through Reiki Master Hillary Gaureau BA, BHS. Hillary is a Brennan Healing Science practitioner, Reiki Master, writer, and teacher. For more information click here:


Erin completed her Reiki Master Training in 2018 with Carol Monnerat LLC. Carol is a Reiki Master, Reflexologist, and is Certified in Thai Massage. She offers Reiki Level I, II and Masters at The Rock Garden in Branford, CT. For more information click here:


Erin enjoys layering Reiki Therapy into her workshops, retreats and yoga classes. She also takes clients in for private Reiki sessions and will often combined it with gentle breath-work, meditation and restorative yoga.  Erin is also a horseback rider and uses Reiki on the horse prior to riding.  For more information on Reiki please read below.


What Is Reiki

  • A gentle treatment using light touch or sometimes no touch where clients remain fully clothed.
  • A healing modality promoting support, balance and well-being.
  • A practice being used in diverse settings, including hospitals, hospice, private offices, and for self-care.

How can Reiki help me ?

  • Reiki can promote health and reduces stress
  • Reiki can enhance medical and complementary therapies
  • Reiki can bring perspective and wisdom to current life challenges.
  • Reiki can help to balance and enrich your life
  • Reiki can also be used for the animals in your life

What Will Happen During A Reiki Treatment?

  • You will remain fully clothed
  • You can be seated or lying comfortably
  • A Reiki session usually lasts about an hour
  • A Reiki session is provided by a trained Reiki practitioner using specific hand placements

Suggestions To Prepare For Your Session

  1. Set an intention for your session. Once you have scheduled the appointment you have set an intention to heal. There will be a brief dialogue prior to your session, this is an optional time for you to share your intention. *Note: this is not a Life Coach session but we can create a combination of the two healing modalities if requested before the session.
  2. Schedule rest and integration time. It’s best to not rush back to work or into your life after a session, but rather to find some quiet space for yourself to integrate the work you have done.
  3. Take time to journal. The details of a session can fade like those of a remembered dream. Jotting down your thoughts, feelings and impressions after each session will help to anchor your work.

For more information on private reiki sessions, please email Erin directly at

Reiki Package Rates

  • Consultation

  • $0/mo
  • Single

  • $75/mo
    • (50min)

  • 3 Pack

  • $200/mo
  • ($25 Savings)